Let the Festival Begin

Posted by chdot on June 12, 2008

Pioneering Mountain Biker Jacquie Phelan waits for the first film in the Bike Week Film Festival and practices her banjo.

She appears in Klunkerz (Friday) and Hardihood (Sunday) and will be answering questions afterwards.

One Response to “Let the Festival Begin”

  1. jacquiephelan said

    Damn that was fast! Hey, what a treat not only to have a chance to listen to the directors, producers and even a star rider (GRAEME OBREE!) speak after the films this evening….but to get to speak at length (or, in my case, LISTEN at length) to them downstairs. Whew…still pulsing. ~Mark Beaumont (global circumbicyclist recordholder from Glasgow/Edinburgh area) was especially gratifying to meet, as his views on sustainability seem to be congruent to my own…and he’s meeting with some folks in London later this week to discuss just that issue—sustainability in a corporate context. Is that a toximoron?
    THank you for all the hard work, and filming the entire q/a.

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