Velodrome Honour Irony

Posted by chdot on August 19, 2008


After Chris Hoy’s third Olympic gold medal today, Glasgow City Council has announced that it intends to name its new velodrome after him.

Chris Hoy is an Edinburgh native who learnt his initial track riding skills on the Meadowbank Velodrome. This was built for the 1970 Commonwealth Games and used again in the 1986 Commonwealth Games.

The magnificent Glasgow facility (complete with roof) is being built for use in the 2014 Games. By then it seems certain that Edinburgh’s (roofless) velodrome will have been demolished. It is less certain what ‘cycling facilities’ will replace it.

In spite of his many successes Chris is a fairly modest person and may well be embarrassed at Glasgow’s proposed honour – and too polite to turn it down. 

His father, David, will probably mention this latest development next time he meets City of Edinburgh Council officials as part of his long running campaign for a replacement for Meadowbank!

Chris said on Radio Scotland that Scotland needed more velodromes as they are good for kids – fun and safe.

Whether Chris relocates from Manchester (where he lives so that he can use the velodrome there – which isn’t just for elite athletes – “we provide 1 hour track sessions for beginners with all equipment included at reduced rates for School, college and university student groups”) to Glasgow remains to be seen…

8 minute video about Meadowbank velodrome including appeal from Chris Hoy.

UPDATE: Chris due to speak on Radio Scotland Newsdrive at 5.30 (or listen again) calling for MORE cycle sport facilities in Scotland.

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4 Responses to “Velodrome Honour Irony”

  1. jacquiephelan said

    We want a spiffy renovated Meddo Bank!For the children!!

  2. Stevo said

    Edinburgh Council are saying that they’ll build a new track as well but not at Meadowbank. Can’t be bad.

  3. chdot said

    Today Council is still talking about a ‘cycling facility’.

    What’s that?

    More cyclepaths and racks? – Good idea.

    Static bicycles or rollers in a new gym??? Not so good.

    IF it means a new velodrome why not say so???

    And where?

    And when?

  4. Fiona Stuart said

    e-mailed daily express today to see if they will set up a fund to upgrade or replace meadowbank velodrome. I’m sure the money could be raised, we coul all do a sponsored bike ride. Fiona, Aberdeen

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