Yellow Bus Report Encourages Cycling

Posted by chdot on September 12, 2008

The Yellow School Bus Commission has issued its report today. It concludes that a widespread, America style, system of school buses would reduce ‘school run’ traffic congestion and have positive effects on pupils and the environment.

It is also clear about other methods of getting to school: “The Commission strongly believes that walking and cycling should be encouraged and promoted within sensible distances.” It recommends “Further measures to encourage walking and cycling”.

“As stated in Section 4 and reinforced in the recommendations, the Commission is mindful that any proposals should build on the work done to develop walking and cycling. For shorter distances, walking and cycling remain the most sustainable mode of travel for the journey to school.”

The six person commission was chaired by David Blunkett MP and included Green MSP Patrick Harvie.

Full report (64 pages) | Executive summary (5 pages)

2 Responses to “Yellow Bus Report Encourages Cycling”

  1. Peter Stephenson said

    I must say, having read the executive summary I do not think your headline “Yellow school bus report supports cycling” is representative of the views regarding cycling withing the report. It says:
    1. that schools should continue to promote walking and cycling. In my experience schools are reluctant to promote cycling (essential to catch the 1 mile and above category) due to health and safety concerns. Consequently a continuation will not make a difference.
    2. It says yellow school bus provision should continue in parallel with existing funding with “perhaps” an increase. Considering the very low levels of cycling infrastructure investment that exists currently, compared to Holland and Denmark, this does not in my mind represent support of cycling.
    All the best,

  2. chdot said

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your comments.
    Actual headline is “Yellow Bus Report Encourages Cycling” which is not the same as “Yellow school bus report supports cycling”
    The important thing is that the report doesn’t merely say that yellow buses are ‘the answer’
    I agree entirely that “schools are reluctant to promote cycling”. Not universal, but pretty common.
    However I have been involved in working in schools ( and the results are encouraging.
    Schools still tend to be a bit ‘tickbox driven’ rather than ‘holistic’ – some see cycling as a ‘green initiative’ but not necessarily a ‘health’ one!
    Governments of course see cycling as either ‘leisure’ or ‘transport’
    We try to show that riding a bike is all of these – and more!
    I also agree about lack of “infrastructure investment”

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