It’s Open!!

Posted by chdot on April 7, 2009

It’s more than a year since Rodney Street Tunnel was strengthened and ‘finished’. Now the path has been laid and lighting fixed.

In addition a new surface has been laid on the steep ramp up to Scotland Street.

One of the first users works in Henderson Row and is happy to use the tunnel even though it makes his journey slightly longer – “so much more peaceful than navigating the Canonmills junction”.

Some local people were worried that the tunnel would become ‘a hangout for undesirables’ – (they probably didn’t mean cyclists…). More likely to be filled with a flow of New Town residents walking to Tesco instead of driving (perhaps).

OLD photoVideo | New photos | Route on CycleStreets

One Response to “It’s Open!!”

  1. jacquiephelan said

    Just THINKING about ‘undesirables’ makes me want to go hang out there
    and have a tea party right in the middle.
    There’s something about bridges and tunnels that bring out the desire to be un…behaving. Throwing rocks off the former, and yelling and hooting in the latter.
    This one doesn’t look like it has the acoustical promise that Innocent tunnel holds….

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