This is Progress?

Posted by chdot on May 18, 2009

The contraflow has been removed from George IV Bridge to reveal a brand new pavement, a drop-off bay for the hotel and a short section of hard to reach cycle lane.

5 Responses to “This is Progress?”

  1. I wonder what the rationale is?

    Let’s see… one third for pedestrians, one third for parking and one third for cyclists. The perfect multi-function answer!

    If this helps to keep cycle numbers down then it will be deemed justifiable. D

  2. Chris said

    So that’s another 10m of cycle lane the council can add to there stats….

  3. Lee said

    One day, our planners and councillors will make the evolutionary leap. One day…

    • jacquiephelan said

      Meanwhile the cyclists will hafta perfect their OWN “leap”: bunny hopping the curb (assuming they want to keep going in a straight line, and then bouncing back down into the nice little
      piece of bike path they left in place.
      I will happily show riders how this is done.
      Meanwhile, let the incidents and accidents pile up to demonstrate the folly (that couldh ave been avoided by conferring w/bike plannerz)
      or have I got it all rong?

  4. The Council have now replied and say they will look at this.

    Apparently they wanted to keep traffic moving! (But not bike traffic because that’s too fast already and needs slowing up?)

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