Places Left for the Folding Nocturne

Posted by chdot on May 26, 2009

Grassmarket Nocturnes

Fancy racing around the centre of Edinburgh – legally and without traffic? The Nocturne Series is coming to Edinburgh on Saturday.

Unless you’ve already signed up, you’ll only be able to watch the ‘proper’ racing on the course which starts and finishes in the Grassmarket and takes in the climb (and cobbles) of Victoria Street.

There are still a few places in The Folding Bike Race. Half the people so far registered will be riding Bromptons. Others have a variety of folders including a “Raleigh (IKEA special!)”.

You’ll need £12.50 entry fee, (plus £5 for 3rd party insurance – unless you have a British Cycling license), plus a folding bike (and the ability to fold and unfold it fast), PLUS something that will pass as ‘businesswear‘ – it’s sort of a commuter race. (Racers will go up Victoria Street three times – so perhaps not too many layers…)

One Response to “Places Left for the Folding Nocturne”

  1. jacquiephelan said

    sounds fun, and god, what a great name for a competitive event. Just not having the word “classic” in it assures an originality quotient above 89.
    Take pix, do.

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