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City Seeks Cycling Development Officer

Posted by chdot on July 30, 2009

City of Edinburgh Council is looking for a new “Temporary Cycling Development Officer” – based at the Bangholm Sports and Outdoor Complex in Trinity.

The post has been vacant for about six months.

Salary: £20,388 – £25,551  (Pro-rata) for 20 hours per week

Job spec. “To organise and deliver cycling programmes in schools and clubs and support appropriate pathway programmes for talented cyclists.”

Qualifications. “Applicants must hold a recognised leadership qualification (Scottish Cycling Trail Cycle or Mountain Bike Leader qualification or equivalent).”

Closing Date: 11 August 2009

More info.

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New Midlothian Map

Posted by chdot on July 30, 2009

MidlCover 2009m
The Lothian Cycle Campaign, Spokes, has just published its latest map – a brand new one for Midlothian.

This is first update for seven years. One addition is the recently opened Dalkeith Bypass which slices through Dalkeith Park.

Unfortunately Spokes has also had to add a short section of “proposed cycle link” – from Millerhill to the new road (because Midlothian Council didn’t think about cyclists enough when they were planning the new road).

The map covers all of Midlothian (apart from the extreme southern tip around Soutra). In addition the southern and eastern extremes of Edinburgh are included – plus East Lothian as far as Prestonpans, Pencaitland and Humbie.

The other side of the map has enlarged, detailed, maps of Bilston, Dalkeith, Danderhall, Gorebridge, Lasswade, Loanhead, Mayfield, Newtongrange, Penicuik, Rosewell and Roslin.

PLUS photos and descriptions of some of the many “Places of Interest” in the ‘county of Midlothian’ – which historically included Edinburgh.

In short the map is a must for residents of Midlothian (including Edinburgh) to help you plan commuter or leisure journeys.

Available now in most bike shops and good book shops and on-line (£5.95 post free – or any 4 Spokes maps for the price of 3).

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Rodney Street Tunnel “Officially” Opens Today

Posted by chdot on July 30, 2009

celebration of cyclings

Actually open for almost four months, Rodney Street Tunnel has its official opening ceremony at 2.00 today. (Performed by Councillor Gordon Mackenzie, the Council’s Transport leader). The work was carried out by City of Edinburgh Council, in partnership with Sustrans – with funding from the Scottish Executive/Government – both because the process has taken more than 2 years!

Surrounding this is a Celebration of Cycling” event (King George V Park) taking place from 12pm to 4.30pm organised by the Children & Families department in partnership with the Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre, L&B Police, Fet Lor Youth Centre and the Scotland Yard Adventure Centre

On offer are –

  • Stalls and information on cycling
  • NHS Health Test (blood pressure, etc)
  • Hourly tours along the Scotland Street Tunnel
  • Drop in cycle proficiency workshops
  • Drop in bike repair workshops
  • All-day tasters with alternative bikes
  • Arrival of young people in a Glasgow-Edinburgh Sponsored Cycle ride
  • All day sports and display area
  • Plans for re-opening the Tunnel caused some local unease – with fears of ‘undesirables hanging about’. But as the Council’s Cycling Officer Chris Brace points out “as well as enabling cyclists using National Cycle Route 75 to avoid a highly trafficked junction (of Rodney Street and Broughton Road) the link also improves access for the local community and has already encouraged greater use of the King George V Park.”

    Video of opening ceremony

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    Edinburgh Cyclists Cross Canada

    Posted by chdot on July 28, 2009

    UPDATE: Euan’s back. BBC story

    Euan Hunter
    Photo by cyclingtheamericas Photo by Euan Hunter

    Two Edinburgh cyclists are currently crossing Canada on solo adventures.

    One, Mark Beaumont, is already well known for his 18,000 miles circumnavigation of the globe which ended in February last year. He is currently “Cycling the Americas” from Alaska to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina – which will take him until next February.

    By contrast a five week trip from Vancouver to Halifax (due to end this week) may seem simple. However the rider, former Currie High pupil Euan Hunter, has only been 18 for a few days! Cycle Canada 2009 is certainly adventurous and has been eventful.

    His mother Cathleen reports: “He’s got sore knees, an ulnar nerve palsy (temporary paralysis of the muscles of his left hand due to prolonged cycling), a few bumps and bruises, bashes on his bike and a dent in his helmet, but he’s still in one piece so far with only a few hundred miles to go.

    “He has carried all his own gear and camping most nights.  So far he has had a few adventures, including encounters with mosquitoes, a reindeer and a baby bear!”

    Both riders are blogging and twittering. Mark is ahead in the technology stakes with solar panels and a satellite dish + video equipment good enough for making a BBC1 series!

    Mark has even taken time to add a comment to Euan’s blog.

    Hi Euan

    Congratulations on a great ride so far. Well done also on running such an up to date blog – I know how challenging this can be as well as riding the miles each day. I am sure you have met some great people along the way – Canada is such a welcoming country. I am currently in BC, a week from the US border and it is seriously hot in the west! Only 13,000 miles to go! Keep taking on your dreams.

    All the best,

    Mark Beaumont

    Euan has published a list of “My 50 things to do in my lifetime“. He includes the Canadian trip plus “Cycle a leg of the Tour de France”. In addition his ambitions include “Become independant of technology for at least a year” – that might be more of a challenge!

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    Bathgate (to Airdrie) No More

    Posted by chdot on July 28, 2009

    Sculpture “Legs” by Doug Cocker

    If you’ve never cycled on the old railway route between Bathgate and Airdrie you’ve missed the chance for some Central Scotland moorland solitude – and a few sculptures.

    The recreation of an extra Edinburgh to Glasgow rail link is proceeding well. The cyclepath was closed last year but many would-be travellers don’t know this.

    Sustrans has now issued a press release clarifying things and suggesting alternative routes.

    Cyclists are being reminded that a popular traffic-free route between Airdrie and Bathgate is closed, as an increasing number of people pedal to a dead-end.

    Sustainable transport charity Sustrans has received calls from cyclists attempting to get onto the former 14-mile route, which ran along a disused railway line.

    The railway path formed part of the National Cycle Network Route 75 – a cross-Scotland route linking the Clyde Coast with the Firth of Forth – until last October when it closed as part of a £300 million project to reopen the railway.

    Katharine Taylor, National Cycle Network Development Manager for Sustrans Scotland, said: “It is great to see more and more people getting out on their bikes. But because this is the first summer since the route between Airdrie and Bathgate closed, it is catching people out – seemingly anyone from day-trippers to experienced cyclists on a long-distance challenge.

    “This route was extremely popular so we’d like to remind them once again that it is now blocked off rather than let people make a wasted journey or face a lengthy detour. We are putting up signs in Airdrie and Bathgate to let people know about the closure, but are unable to sign the whole diversion, so advise people to check the alternative routes suggested on our website before setting out.”

    Network Rail will construct a new path close to the original Airdrie and Bathgate route, which is scheduled for completion in December 2010.

    Sustrans recommends cyclists and walkers use the towpaths of the Union and Forth and Clyde Canals as a cross-Scotland route. The canals are set to become Route 754 of the National Cycle Network.

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    Green Passport to TreeFest

    Posted by chdot on July 15, 2009


    Cycling promoters ChangingPace have organised the third Green Passport Day on the North Edinburgh Path Network. This one is designed to encourage people to walk or cycle to this year’s TreeFest.

    On Sunday (19th July) ChangingPace will have a stall where people can bring their Passport for entry into a prize draw. ChangingPace will be offering advice and also hosting a bike obstacle course for children and a basic Dr. Bike safety check.

    There are lots of different ways to reach Inverleith Park some suggested routes on EveryTrail (with photos along the routes) –

    From Red Bridge (Ferry Road) using NEPN as far as Ainslie Park

    Along NEPN from Russell Road (Dalry/Roseburn)

    From Raeburn Place Stockbridge

    Bellevue via Rodney Street Tunnel and Rocheid Path

    There are nine places along the route (map below) with a Pass Port Number to mark on your Passport (distributed to school children in Edinburgh If you want another PRINT THIS).

    GPD TF map

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    He Didn’t Mention Cycling

    Posted by chdot on July 9, 2009


    The sight of a well heeled, white, Western, very conservatively dressed man hardly conveys the impression of eco/class warrior or radical anti-capitalist.

    Prince Charles’ appearance on last night’s Dimbleby Lecture will have reassured some and turned off others.

    But it’s the words that count. They were delivered with the assurance of a well practiced public speaker who actually knows his script and believes what he is saying.

    He has advisers (including Jonathon Porritt) and no doubt the 50 minute lecture was not written solely by Charles. However many hands were involved behind the scenes the result was a well crafted, and wide ranging summary of the issues facing the natural world and the role of the human population involved in it.

    The delivery was confident, the passion mostly hidden, though he clearly cares about the loss of the rain forests – pointing out that the Greenhouse Gas consequences are greater than those caused by all the world’s transport.

    There were wry references to a genetic interest in architecture (and the trouble it has caused him). The tone and content was about questioning the apparent assumption of “business as usual”. He pointed out that “there can’t be capitalism without capital” and added that ultimately all capital comes from the earth whether as raw materials or food (etc.) derived from sunlight/plants.

    He reminded his audience (mostly white, well dressed and not particularly young) that he had previously warned that ‘we’ had 100 months to make changes or there was a serious chance of irreversible (and undesirable) Climate Change. He told the audience that it was now 96 months.

    But it wasn’t just a call for a return to a simpler life where pubs and post offices were still open. He talked about how such “community capital”items and the value of people interacting was not just difficult to measure, but also largely unmeasured, in a world primarily concerned with GDP. He called for ‘balance’ and argued for a marriage of older ‘values’ and new technologies which he sees as the best way forward.

    Prince Charles has been seen on a bike in the past, but the photographic evidence has previously been used to mock his ‘greeny’ interests.

    Catch the lecture for 7 days on iPlayer

    Mobile version

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