Green Passport to TreeFest

Posted by chdot on July 15, 2009


Cycling promoters ChangingPace have organised the third Green Passport Day on the North Edinburgh Path Network. This one is designed to encourage people to walk or cycle to this year’s TreeFest.

On Sunday (19th July) ChangingPace will have a stall where people can bring their Passport for entry into a prize draw. ChangingPace will be offering advice and also hosting a bike obstacle course for children and a basic Dr. Bike safety check.

There are lots of different ways to reach Inverleith Park some suggested routes on EveryTrail (with photos along the routes) –

From Red Bridge (Ferry Road) using NEPN as far as Ainslie Park

Along NEPN from Russell Road (Dalry/Roseburn)

From Raeburn Place Stockbridge

Bellevue via Rodney Street Tunnel and Rocheid Path

There are nine places along the route (map below) with a Pass Port Number to mark on your Passport (distributed to school children in Edinburgh If you want another PRINT THIS).

GPD TF map

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