One Week to First Bike Friday

Posted by chdot on September 11, 2009


Next Friday three groups of cyclists will set off from different parts of Edinburgh and head for Festival Square (off Lothian Road).

It will be Edinburgh’s first organised ride for cycling ‘commuters’. It’s an event in Edinburgh’s European Mobility Week and is a mixture of social fun and confidence building.

Similar rides already exist in Manchester and London. The rides will be led and marshalled by experienced cyclists and will take routes that involve quiet streets and some busy roads.

A good turnout is expected – helped by Edinburgh Bicycle telling all its customers in the weekly email newsletter.

In Festival Square Spokes (The Lothian Cycle Campaign) will have an information stall.

Spokes does a cycle count on Lothian Road twice a year. It records that bicycles are a growing percentage of the ‘rush hour’ traffic.

3 Responses to “One Week to First Bike Friday”

  1. Abbii said

    An Adult ‘cycle-bus’ or a council approved Critical mass?

    Why not encourage people to use their bikes for Dutch/Copenhagen style utility cycling?

    • chdot said

      It’ll be whatever the people who turn up want it to be.

      The initiative to try it this year partly came from Spokes.

      So it’s partly a ‘campaigning tool’ and party a ‘mass buddy ride’.

      Anything that encourages people to cycle will encourage ‘European style cycling’

      Why not take part?

  2. “An Adult ‘cycle-bus’ or a council approved Critical mass?”

    It won’t be a Critical Mass though other road users will notice a higher proportion of bikes than normal (I hope).

    I’m leading ride in from Portobello. We want to be moving at a reasonable pace with ‘the traffic’ rather than blocking it (It can do that job by itself!).

    On the day we expect people to follow the highway code and not run red lights or do anything that will upset other road users (other than moving while they are stuck in a line).

    The best PR for cycling is a reasonably quick ride into town with no ‘incidents’.

    The idea of blocking up all motorised traffic including bus services first thing in the morning is not our intention.

    The headline ‘Be the traffic’ does owe something to the CM movement and should encourage debate and participation.

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