Barriers to Cycling – the Saga Continues

Posted by chdot on September 27, 2009


Sunday morning 9 a.m. (apparently) workpersons arrive in Portobello to make some modifications.

Half an hour later one barrier is removed and warning panels added to the remaining furniture.

Next on the scene is a local resident who just happens to know the Council’s guidelines on such things. A polite conversation ensues about what to do with the 70mm excess barrier length. It’s removed.

Next along is a women on a mobility scooter, clearly pleased that her twice weekly trip is now much easier.

What’s next? Maybe a change to the road layout in George IV Bridge that’s been promised for a few months.

Any pictures of such things? Please add to the barriers to cycling in Edinburgh Flickr group.

2 Responses to “Barriers to Cycling – the Saga Continues”

  1. Lee said

    Is it me or does there seem to be a distinctly anti-cycling note being struck here by a council that promised us a model cycle friendly city?

    I have to admit I have been reasonably impressed by the amount of people I continue to see riding despite the downturn in the weather over the last couple of weeks, but things like this are just going to end up putting them off.

    If we end up with this kind of thing on the Roseburn/Telford/Craigleith/Granton paths then we may have to think about some serious action.

  2. Dave P said

    They’ve now been removed from the bottom of the ramp and resited on the footbridge!

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