Cyclehoop Comes to Edinburgh

Posted by chdot on October 1, 2009


Photo Anthony Lau

Award winning simple cycle parking has arrived in Edinburgh.

The Cyclehoop is a simple but stylish way to provide secure parking for two bikes. It can be fixed to poles commonly seen on most streets for holding (car) parking/waiting/loading information.

They are often used for bike parking already. Cyclehoops demonstrate that bike parking is encouraged, but more importantly make it much less likely that bikes will swivel and fall on the pavement or roadway.

Two have been fixed in West Nicholson Street as part of a trial. Hoops are are available in a range of eye-catching colours – but City of Edinburgh Council will probably stick to black!

London based designer Anthony Lau trained as an architect.

2 Responses to “Cyclehoop Comes to Edinburgh”

  1. kimharding said

    Just outside The Pear Tree, how convenient when nipping in for a quick pint!

  2. Becky said

    These hoops for locking bikes to are really common in Toronto. On one afternoon there I ended up locking my (admittedly rather long) bike to a tree because every single hoop already had bikes attached to them. They work great by all accounts!

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