Psst, Wanna Buy a Used Bike Shop?

Posted by chdot on December 3, 2009

It’s only been open a few months (Eastside Bikes in Abbeyhill) but already owner Nik Antestenis is planning his exit strategy. It’s not that he’s made a fortune and is cashing in – bike shop owners seldom become ‘well off’. He’s returning to the States for sound family reasons.

So (in the middle of next year) there’s an opportunity for someone to take over a business that already provides a modest living, and has lots of potential.

Of course you’ll need a bit of cash and a fair amount of knowledge of bike fixing – the main business is repairs and custom builds of ‘classic’ bikes. You’d also need to be good at dealing with ‘the public’. Some still think that keeping bikes safely on the road is a low grade skill, that they can’t do themselves, but should be available for a fraction of the price of a plumber…

Nik has established a customer base of local people and others who want their ‘dream’ machine (often a fashionable single speed) built from one of the interesting frames hanging in the shop.

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