A personal site to highlight cycling activities and possibilities in and around Edinburgh – and to help encourage more people to cycle more often.

Please send news, views and ideas to –

6 Responses to “About”

  1. dave prescott said

    nice site but your menu text (top) is damn hard to read!

  2. chdot said

    yeah sorry, WordPress made some changes yesterday that have messed things up I hope it will get sorted or else I’ll have to use a different template

  3. chdot said

    Gone for “striped black” – less colourful but probably more readable

    Now do I put the Nav Bar ‘buttons’ back in alphabetical order??

  4. Patsy James said

    What about adding a bit of space or a line between the 2 lines of the navbar, as it looks a bit messy the way it is.

  5. Hi there,

    Just to let you know. Bike hire at Leith Cycle Co will be based at our Abbeyhill store from now on. We will have a full range of hybrids, kids bikes, trailers and tag alongs available for hire.

    The Abbeyhill number is 0131 652 1760



  6. Hi there again,

    Would you be interested in posting a piece on the changing hands of the old Sandy Gilchrist shop? I could produce some copy for you.

    Let me know 079000 56462

    Leith Cycle Co

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