Buying a bike – so many things to think about –

New or secondhand?

Bike shop, supermarket or the internet.

What type?

Edinburgh is fortunate to have a range of shops. Try a few, look at the bikes, ask for advice, choose one you feel comfortable with (bike AND shop!)

Edinburgh shops with web sites Alpine Bikes, Bicycle Repair Man, Bicycleworks, Biketrax, EdinburghBicycle, Macdonald Cycles, The Bike Chain, Velo Ecosse.

Most shops don’t do second-hand bikes – try or The Bike Station

Advice on what to buy from

5 Responses to “Buy”

  1. Sarah said

    The Leith Cycle Co at 276 Leith Walk sell second hand bikes!! Pop in and ask for Richard, he’ll let you know what they’ve got in stock.

  2. b fraser said

    Can you advise of any shops/individuals in the Edinburgh area who buy second hand bikes to repair and sell on themselves?

    Many thanks

  3. name said

    Best Wishes,

  4. James said

    They no longer sell 2nd hand bikes.

  5. Andy said

    Eastside Bikes on Montrose Terrace sell secondhand bikes and also do repairs and wheelbuilding

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