City of Edinburgh Council is doing a reasonable job of encouraging cycling. It has a range of good policies that put walking and cycling high up in its stated priorities. Unfortunately it is not clear if Departments and officials are always as keen to implement them.

Council’s info.

Does well but could do better – Evening News story. Cycling Scotland assessment (2005) 3.1/5.

Cycle section of current Local Transport Srategy.

Transport section of the Structure Plan.

Cycling on Council’s web site.

Interesting University of Edinburgh/Council report on need to provide better Mountain Biking opportunities for young people.


One Response to “Council”

  1. James STewart said

    Letter sent to council 9-9-08:
    “Dear Sir/Madam,
    Yesterday i was cycling along the dedicated cycle lane on Marshall St when I came across a car parked blocking both lane, as I rode past my handlebar clipped the wing mirror,and i fell off, buckling the front wheel. The car’s owner, a council employee, came over from where she was working and apologised profusely , but said that a parking attendant had told her it was fine to park in the cycle lane! Is this correct? I see from the parking website, under the list of ‘places you must not park’, that dedicated cycle paths are not on the list.
    Please could you let me know what the situation, and i suggest that if cars are allowed to park on cycle paths, there is no point in the council paying to build them. If it is not allowed, then please make sure that traffic wardens and parking attendant know to ticket vehicles parked illegally, and they do not go round telling people it is OK.

    your sincerely

    James Stewart”

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