Quite a few people have cycle related jobs in Edinburgh. Most work in bike shops. More bikes on the roads should mean more jobs for mechanics.

The Bike Station is a bike recycling project which encourages cycling in various ways including delivering Cycle Training. It employs half a dozen people full time plus various on a session basis.

Hire a Pedicab, hard work but can be lucrative. Read about it in .citycycling.

At least one person takes cycle tours.

Several courier companies employ cyclists.

Try citycouriers (started as a cycle only business) or 0845 123 1230 or stop a courier and ask!

The Council has a few people dealing mostly with cycling issues. Would be good if it had a few more…

“Ever wished you could ride a bike for a living? Cycling for Profit: How to Make a Living With Your Bike describes how to do just that”

EBC job vacancies. Jobs at Alpine.

17 Responses to “Jobs”

  1. darragh cox said

    was thinking of getting a cycling job as a courier in mid sept time if you know of anything thanks

    • vincent said

      Any luck?? I would love a job as a bike courier in Edinburgh/Glasgow too. Please let me know how you got on and any useful tips/advice. Good luck Vincent

  2. Konrad said

    Hi. I’m very interested in any job in bicycle shop in glasgow area. I’ve got a lot of experiance. I’ll be very grateful for help. If you have any job for my please email me: or call: 07513881412

  3. Kevin Riddoch said

    Hi, i am interested in becoming a cycle courier in Edinburgh or working in a bike shop. I have great experience. Email me and i can send c.v or arrange interview.

  4. Wim Stevenson said

    Good news! Another Cyclist looking for work as a courier in the Glasgow area (seems to be a yearly feature in this thread). Full or Part time is fine. Any offers/words of wisdom don’t hesitate to contact me:


  5. rod murray said

    hi, I am looking for a cycling mechanic job in Edinburgh. I am cytech 2 qualified and have 6 months experience working in a bike shop, can anybody help, many thanks Rod

    • Peter said

      Hi Rod, are you still looking for a job as a bike mechanic in Edinburgh? I know you posted this message a long time ago, but if you are still looking please get back to me. Kind regards, Peter tel: 07796 886 899

  6. Ryan sullivan said

    hi my name is ryan and am looking for aCyclist and a would like to get a job as a courier in the edinburgh area anyone know any were looking for people
    you can get me on thanks

  7. Joe Vann said

    Hi my names Joe; I have recently moved to Edinburgh and am looking for part time work in a bike shop or as a courier. I have no official mechanic qualifications, but I have three years experience working as a mechanic and in sales. Any info on jobs or just advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Contact me at thanks.

  8. Karoly Botond Bolgar said

    Hi my name is Botond, I’m come from Hungary. I will be go to Edinburgh for next month. I would like to live there, and working as a bicycle courier… I would like to get information about what are the options?!Or totally no chance of my idea now… Thanks for the reply!

  9. Kewin said

    Hey my name is Kevin. I am about to move to Edinburgh. I’m cyclist and looking for job bicycle related like messenger or service mechanic. I don’t have any qualifications other than working on my own bicycles. 2 years of experience in sales. Fluent english and native polish.

    Contact me at

  10. marc said

    hi, I am looking for a cycling mechanic job in Edinburgh, i have a passion for building bicycles and have done for a number of years,
    if anyone knows anywhere looking for part time or full time workers let me know much appreciated, marc

  11. callum youde said

    hello hello my names callum,,,,i got loads of experience on a bike id love a job asap. able to work long hours in edinburgh and glasgow.
    gimmie a message

    thank you

  12. Derek McCallum said

    Looking to return to my beloved cycle mechanicing after an absence. Cytech II and years of store and workshop experience and wheel building/truing I’m sure there must be an opening for me somewhere, still got lots to give.
    contact me on 07590441967.

  13. Sam U Ho said

    Hi I am looking for a part-time/full-time job at a bike shop in Edinburgh.
    I am currently a student and am free on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, and Thursday and Friday whole days.
    I have been doing road cycling and bike touring a lot and so know some basic of road bike and hybrid bike maintenance.

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