For people who cycle in Edinburgh the Spokes map is still a ‘must have’. (Spokes also does maps for Mid-, East and West Lothians).

Available in good book and bike shops and on-line

It’s not that long since maps were only available on paper. Now there are many web sites that have maps which can be searched and zoomed. Leading the way at the moment is Google with its Google Maps and the amazing Google Earth – fly in to see your house (since December 2006 the satellite image is high resolution).

You can even get Google Maps on modern mobile phones.

Perhaps Edinburgh will get its own version of Dutch cyclists’ GPS project.

Great selection of routes with maps from John Brewer’s long established site.

Free cycle maps for Scotland from Sustrans.


3 Responses to “Maps”

  1. Lee said

    Hey guys,

    Check out Edinburgh on Google Earth, we now all in glorious hi-res!!!
    Use Google Pedometer to see how many hills you have to climb too…


  2. You might want to check out, which is slowly getting more Edinburgh coverage. One of the things that the mappers are doing, is to put Cycle path, including as many access routes as possible on to the map too. The canal towpaths are also being done.

  3. Using the data, a Cycle specific map is now available.

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