Monsterbike Blurb


Here’s a bit of info about the monsterbike building course that we’ll be running at the Forest cafe in from the 14th till the 18th of April.

My name´s Tim and I´ll be running the course along with some help from Chris from the Forest café to set things up. I started building monsterbikes / crazy bikes whatever you want to call them a few years ago when I found myself by chance with a big pile of scrap bikes to play with.

My approach to building the bikes is always pretty rough and when I started I just cut up all the frames into bits and bolted them back together in the most basic way possible to see what new forms I could give them. Its great fun and really quick just to extend the front forks with a couple of extra pieces of tubing, or put the saddle high up and add an extra set of pedals. Recently I’ve got more into welding frames together because it gives you a lot more freedom to build the shapes you want, though it is a bit tricky to get right.

On the course it would be great if each participant could bring along at least one scrap bike to work on, in reality each person will probably need 4+ bikes to build from so if you can get more please do. Any kind of bike or bike parts could potentially be useful. The rest of the components for the course… tools, safety gear, workspace and extra bikes will be supplies by us. Please feel free though to bring along whatever tools you can lay your hands on cause the more we have the easier it will be for everyone to work.

I think it’s important to state here that I am not a professional bike mechanic, metalworker, welder or engineer. I do though have plenty of experience inventing crazy machines and finding creative solutions but this means that I cannot guarantee that the bikes you might build on the course won’t immediately collapse the first time you try to ride them with the resulting potential for physical harm. I think what I’m trying to say is that the best design for a safe, legal and easy to ride bicycle has already been thought of and is available at your local Halfords.

The bikes we are going to make will be difficult to ride with twitchy steering and a predisposition to break just at the wrong time. They will though on the other hand be incredibly good fun to build and bring joy to anyone who rides them or sees them on the street.

The outcome of the course will hopefully be that everyone goes home with a freshly built monsterbike to enjoy at their leisure. We also have the idea to make some kind of celebratory ride round the city, maybe linking with critical mass and to make an exhibition of the bikes at the Forest cafe but we still need to sort out the details of that.

We had a hard time deciding how we would choose people to come on this course because there are only going to be eight places and, we expect quite a few potential monsterbikers. If you’d like to take part then please send us your contact details to the e- mail above along with a drawing of the bike you would make if you were lucky enough to get on the course and a few words explaining why you like to take part. We’ll contact you before the beginning of April to tell you if you have a place or not..
Please send your applications before the 25th March

The course will be pretty much all day everyday for the four days with a morning session from 9 till 1 and an afternoon session from 3 till 7. Please let us know if you won’t be able to come to any of the sessions because it will help us to plan things out. We are starting the course on a Saturday so that people who are only free at the weekends also have a chance to join in so please get in touch even if you can’t make it to the weekday sessions.

Feel free to fire any questions at me as well and I’ll see what I can do.

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