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Bikes get stolen in Edinburgh. It’s a big city. It happens.

There is now a Flickr group where you can post a photo and info before it gets stolen and another IF it goes missing – details.

What to do if it happens to you –

1) Cry. Why not? A bike is part of your life – part of you even. (Remember Flann O Brien; “you would be surprised at the number of people in these parts who nearly are half people and half bicycles.”)

2) Report it to the police. Bikes DO get recovered, and a significant number are never re-united with their owners. Perhaps because Lost Property at Fettes (0131 311 3141) is only open office hours or perhaps the (ex) owner didn’t know their bike well enough to describe it properly! Also it’s possible the bike was taken officially – especially if the Queen is coming to town.

Unclaimed bikes are sold at auction 75 miles away!



HOW TO CORRECTLY LOCK YOUR BIKE by American bike guru Sheldon Brown

Bike Register the on-line registration initiative aiming to reduce bike theft and assist in bike recovery.

Local Bike Theft Advice Leaflet

7 Responses to “Theft”

  1. T said


    My bike was stolen last night. Does anyone know when the next police bike auction is on? Hoping to pick up an old one to get me round the city.

  2. jamie said

    sorry to hear about your theft.
    the next auction is on the 23rd oct 2008.
    I got told that from the police at fettes when reporting my bike which was stolen at end of August
    Hope this helps

  3. jamie said

    Btw my mate was at last one last saturday 7 the cheapest bike went for £8 & the most expensive was £100
    be lucky

  4. alex said

    when is the next bike auction at fettes anyone know.

  5. Andy said

    I got my bike stolen today from the communal stairs in my building. A nice Trek Ticket 10. Black.. Reported to the police but they don’t give a fuck, as usual. Just took some data and of they go…. I don’t expect it back but if you know about someone selling it.. let me know.

  6. andreas said

    Gary Fisher GED 2006, hardtail, color orange, stolen in Edinburgh December 2011

    My beloved machine was stolen from the building’s staircase.

    I don’t think there are many bikes like it in Edinburgh so please contact me if you see one.



    My GaryFisher GED bike - stolen in Edinburgh December 2011

  7. Gareth said

    Red Specialized Hardrock Sport 2009 model, also stolen from the bottom of a staircase…. two small drill holes in the rear frame where a pannier rack was attached, specialzed bar ends on handlebars
    Looks like this
    Pretty sure won’t see it again but if you do let me know

    Cheers, Gareth

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