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More and more people are cycling to work these days. Some employers are helpful most indifferent, and a small number still think bikes make the place look untidy.

There is plenty of evidence which shows that cycling employees are generally healthier (less time off work) and more awake in the morning.

Some people won’t cycle unless there are showers, but it’s not usually necessary to get hot and sweaty if you wear suitable clothes – unless you’re late…

Bike parking can be more of an issue. If an employer provides parking for cars there’s really no excuse for not doing the same for bikes – they take up less room.

One employer that is particularly good at encouraging cycling is the University of Edinburgh which has a useful cycling section on its web site.

The University has a Bicycle User Group and a Bike Buddies scheme.

A national Bike Buddy scheme was launched recently as a spin-off from car sharing.


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