Spokes, the Lothian Cycle Campaign, has been at it since 1977. It has a membership (it’s free to join) of around 1000.

When it began, not many people cycled in Edinburgh. Its first campaign was for a cycle path through the Meadows. The council (then Edinburgh Corporation) was strikingly disinterested, even hostile. One councillor apparently said “over my dead body”.

Since then, constant campaigning to improve conditions for cyclist in Edinburgh. 3 Newsletters a year (available in bike shops and on-line), monthly Spokesworkers for activist members and countless, rallies, Bike Breakfasts and letters to council and Government departments.

3 Responses to “Campaign”

  1. James Coutts said

    Hi Chris

    Our shared hall is getting busy with bikes. Can u point me to a good how to article on how to get everyone motivated/get permission and get some bike boxes installed? Ta, JC.

  2. Graham Scrimgeour said

    This may not be original..

    We were recently on holiday in the Netherlands and really enjoyed being able to take our children aged 4 and 7 out for a decent ride – we were able to get the next village and have dinner!

    Then back to Edinburgh. I would hesitate to allow a child much older than mine to cycle on our streets. The cycle lanes in Edinburgh are a often a joke – eg on Queensferry Road approaching Dean Bridge – it ends just when you need it most.

    Is there a vision for on street, segregated cycle lanes in Edinburgh. I’ve had this in mind when driving around the city. An east west route could easily be created on Ferry Road (west end) (using the surface area that is currently hatched. Similarly East Fettes Ave, Inverleith Place. Potentially Telford Road and Queensferry Road from Craigleith to Dean Bridge. Surely there is space on George St and Melville St for a segregated cycle lane which could go round the Cathedral and onwards. This isn’t a plan for a full network, but some ideas to make a start.

    Regent Road must have capacity for this.

    Are segregated (child safe) cycle lanes on anyones agenda?

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