Edinburgh is fortunate to have various groups organising rides for all levels of cyclists from complete novices to the most experienced.

There is now a great web site listing them all!

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  1. petitjean said

    do you organize trip of 3 To 5 days in scotland (average milage 6O-90 a day average speed 15-20 miles per hour)

  2. 15 miles per hour is kind of very good average I’d say! Are you talkng about lightweight road bikes or hybrids (aka trekking bikes)?
    With own luggage panniers of course?

    Any bike tour is a good one if people are willing participants and they realise how windy and hilly it can be.
    My Scottish Touring usually involves using train to Highland start point. Say Pitlochry. Not cheating… really.

    Cycling from Barra to Lewis on the Outer Hebrides is a good one… train to Oban.
    Orkney Islands are great.. train to Aberdeen.
    Henniker’s book lists them all. New one out too – Bike Scotland Book One: 40 great routes from Central Scotland by Fergal MacErlean

    As you can guess I’d suggest using ‘non-standard bikes’ just for the comfort and fun of it.

  3. Lynn Lucas said


    This ride is growing from strength to strength, people are coming from all over the country to take part.
    we are expecting over 2000+ cyclists this year!
    (2007 over 1500 cyclists took part and raised £70.000).

    Is it possible to give our fantastic cycle event a mention? maybe a mention or forward e-mail to friends,or even enter a team?
    Perhaps your business could support us?

    SEAHOUSES TO TYNEMOUTH PRIORY ( Northumberland)Sunday 24th August 2008 (Bank Holiday Weekend)

    Reg charity no 1085775.


    Our son died from a horrific childhood cancer July 2000 aged 18yrs, since his death we have fundraised for our charity which we set up in Christopher;s memory. We have raised £500,000 to date.

    Any publicity would be greatly appreciated.

    Last year we raised £70,000 with 1500 cyclists taking part we aim to double that amount this year if possible. We even took 230 cyclists and their cyclists to the start on the morning leaving Tynemouth 7.15am.Hadrain Spring Water, Northumbrian water donated bottled water, Red Bull, and Delmonte Bannanas gave all cyclists energy.

    Our website

    Seahouses to Tynemouth Priory

    Sunday 24th August 2008

    (Bank Holiday Weekend)

    Caring for Children and Young Adults with Cancer

    Christopher suffered 3 long years Evening Chronicle covered him during and after his illness, they named him BRAVEST BOY IN BRITAIN AND LOCAL HERO.

    To date we have raised £500,000..

    Cycle from Seahouses, at approximately 9AM to arrive at the Tynemouth Priory, the ride is 54 miles of beautiful Northumberland scenic coastline, entry fee is £10 to include NIKE T Shirt, Medal, inform your friends, workmates, get a team together! Have some fun, and raise some money for charity at the same time through sponsorship.

    (Please send your entry fee to the Chris Lucas Trust,

    95, Lancaster Drive, Hadrian Park, Wallsend,

    North Tyneside, NE28 9TF, to receive your sponsorship forms).

    Telephone: 0191 2632884 for more details

    Or register on-line
    Please bring the family for support!

    Tombola, etc at the Priory! A great day out for all!

    Please visit our web site at:

    The Chris Lucas Trust is fundraising to pay for our Scientific Medical Researcher, based with the NHS,
    at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, Institute of Cancer Research, Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer (ITCC) since 2005.
    To research a very aggressive cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma (Rab – doe – my – o – Sarcoma) to help improve the quality of life of children and young adults suffering from this horrific type of sarcoma.

    He has very good experience of molecular profiling of cancers and I am sure he will really help us push forward our ongoing work on rhabdomyosarcoma

    The research group are also very interested in the underlying molecular abnormalities in RMS that might be important as targets for developing new drugs.

    Our vital work work on the molecular characterision of rhabdomyosarcoma, using ‘microarray’ profiling which tests thousands of genes simultaneously.

    By looking at how these results predict response to treatment, we aim to highlight the important genes for choosing new drugs to test on RMS cell lines and in the clinic and aim to identify new targets for developing new drugs.
    Tel 0191 2632884

    Best Wishes

    Lynn Lucas

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