I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

Queen “Bicycle Race”

The great thing about bikes is that they can go virtually anywhere. It’s still illegal to cycle on pavements, the wrong way up one way streets etc. If in doubt check the cycling section of the Highway Code.

Cycling on the pavements is controversial in Edinburgh – not just because it is illegal – some cyclists are inconsiderate and cycle carelessly when there are lots of pedestrians about. The Council and the Police keep ‘looking into the problem’ and people DO get fined. Evening News story.

One result of the recent Access legislation is that cycling is allowed on some paths that previously had “No Cycling” signs. This includes the very useful route through the Hermitage of Braid alongside the Braid Burn. City of Edinburgh Council’s Rangers look after a number of attractive bits of ‘country in the city’.

Many places– info from leaflets produced for Edinburgh primary school children in 2006. Related web site exploreEdinburghbyBike.


The fabulously serene Redhall Walled Garden is well worth a visit. Open week days and occasional weekends. The walled garden was created over 250 years ago and is the only one left in Edinburgh still being used to grow plants.

97 Lanark Road Edinburgh (through gates down track) EH14 2LZ (map) 0131 443 0946. It’s just off the Balerno Railway Path which starts at the Union Canal between Slateford and Kingsknowe.


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  1. jacquiephelan said

    based on this info, I went twice to Redhall in summer 08. It was magical, and the second time, in June, they were celebrating 25 years of continuous service to SMHS, a mental health agency. The music, arts & crafts–like silhouette drawing and millinery for midgets–were incredibly fun. I strongly recommend hopping on either the Union canal path or the Water of Leith to get there, you won’t be disappointed (long as it’s open, check their site).

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