Hiring is a good way of trying a different type of bike – perhaps a tandem (UK list from Tandem Club) or a Mountain Bike instead of your normal get-to-work bike.

Hire companies usually have new bikes each year (or more often if they are used a lot).

Edinburgh shops that hire

Biketrax, Cycle Scotland, Leith Cycle Co

4 Responses to “Hire”

  1. nice said

    would like to know where to hire bicycles and the rates in edinburgh

    • Hi there,

      We have hybrids and MTB’s available from £10 for a half day or £15 for a day.

      You can call us on 0044131 652 1760

      Hope to hear from you soon.


      Richard Dowsett
      Leith Cycle Co – Abbeyhill

  2. I’m not in Edinburgh but I do hire a very unusual, extremely different type of bike!

  3. Rod Grierson said

    I have been emailing a few bike shops in Scotland in regard to hiring or buying a good touring bike for a solo trip of Scotland, but have received very few positive responses. Biketrax in Edinburgh typical in their brief response that they do not hire touring bike with a rack and no discount for long term hire. Do they want bike tourists in Scotland? or am I just encountering some people having a bad day.. If anyone can hire or sell me a good touring bike in May for an elderly six foot client who requires granny gears and is carting his own panniers around I would be most grateful if you could contact me via my email.

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