.citycycling outstanding on-line monthly magazine created in Edinburgh. Style and substance.

Spokes Newsletters, 3 times a year (available in bike shops and on-line). Monthly Spokesworkers for activist members.


AtoB Wonderfully unique pocket sized magazine about bikes as transport. Emphasis on folders, electric bikes, luggage carrying. Web site is not a good advert for it, but does contain the highly useful bikes on trains page. On sale in Edinburgh at Biketrax.

Bike Biz Paper and PDF download for all in and around the bike trade. Informative web site.

Cycle Sport “the leading magazine for fans of professional road racing”

Cycling Weekly Long established publication for people interested (primarily) in UK amateur cycle racing. Often referred to (sometimes affectionately) as “the Comic”. Home to Keith Bingham who writes intelligently about the problems facing cyclists and castigates councils everywhere for their ineptitudes.

Cycling Plus Magazine for people who like the latest in bikes.

Mountain Bike UK (mbuk) One of the first (and one of the survivors) MTB magazines. Mix of bikes, places to go and fab photos of insane antics. Best served with Mint Sauce.

Mountain Bike Rider More bikes and routes.

Procycling Another mag about Professional Cycling – getting plenty of press coverage this year (but not for the racing).

Singletrack Conceived in the Pennines where MTBing is a way of life not just a lifestyle choice. Print magazine but also available as a (paid for) PDF download – is this the future?

Velo Vision – “covering specialised bikes, cycling as transport and human power.” From the flatlands of York where it’s easy to imagine what it would be like if the UK was more like the Netherlands. Great mag (and web site) for all that’s interesting (as in different) and unusual in cycling.

What Mountain Bike Bikes and bits tested, routes ridden.


The Bicycle and Urban Sustainability David Tomlinson

“This paper presents a rationale for promoting bicycles for basic transportation, in the
context of global efforts to achieve more sustainable urban development.”


Bike Scotland Trails Guide was written by sports journalist (and former Commonwealth cyclist) Richard Moore and top MTB photographer Andy McCandlish.

It features 40 of the best wild and waymarked mountain biking routes in Scotland, the success of the Trails Guide reflects the growing popularity of Scotland as a mountain biking destination – it was called “Global Superstar” by the International Mountain Biking Association!

Bicycle Repair Manual
Chris Sidwells
New £7.33!
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