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8 Responses to “Write”

  1. Azzurra said

    Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

  2. Amore said

    Luogo interessante, buon disegno, lo gradisco, signore! =)

  3. Glorom said

    I’d like to ask you about Craigmillar cycle path. I’m very furious with the owners of dogs. They walk their dogs and don’t care about the cyclists at all. Is it possible to walk a dog without a line on a cycle path???? Can anybody answer my question please? Thank’s a lot.

  4. Alex Hale said

    Yesterday (6/11) I left my bike locked up to the railings next to West Register House, on the west side of Charlotte Square. When I returned somebody had stolen my front light. The attachment was the kind that would only allow somebody with the knowledge to remove it.
    I am very sad that a cyclist stole from another cyclist 😦

  5. jacquiephelan said

    Can I please return? I don’t think I quite memorized all the short cuts through town.

  6. folder said

    This is what I got by way of reply when I asked what their policy for taking bikes on buses was:

    Bikes come in an assortment of shapes and sizes and under our Conditions of Carriage we do not permit the carriage of any bikes on our vehicles. This currently includes all types of bikes including those which can be put into bags.

    The things people want to bring with them on to the bus come in all shapes and sizes. Luggage and parcels are carried at the discretion of the driver who will refuse any item covered in our conditions of carriage or which in their opinion is bulky, cumbersome or may cause injury or damage a passenger or their property. Similarly, with bicycles, a compact bike folded is different from a standard bicycle which simply folds in half and we cannot change the rule and say “no full-size bicycles but folding bicycles are OK,” since that would result in arguments and disputes when persons try to bring bicycles on to a bus.

    We do not search the bags and luggage of boarding passengers. Provided these items can be accommodated safely without inconvenience or danger to other passengers or the bus, our staff will allow such items to be carried and a bike concealed by a passenger under such circumstance would be carried unknown to our staff.

    We are unable to change our “no bikes” policy however this may be reviewed at sometime in the future should newer vehicles have larger luggage racks and if it can be seen that a change would benefit a large number of customers. On behalf of Lothian Buses may I thank you for contacting us on this matter.

  7. folder said

    Should have said that it’s about LOTHIAN BUSES

  8. has posted a video of cyclists leaving Inverleith Park on the 2010 ride on its YouTube channel:

    More bike videos to follow…

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