Edinburgh Bike Video Runaway Success

Posted by chdot on April 20, 2009

Danny MacAskill is well known for his extreme bike handling skills. His creative approach to using Edinburgh’s urban assets is striking.

It’s easy to find videos of his trick riding on the web. Now there is a new one shot in recent months by Dave Sowerby.

As a rider himself (some history) he is in tune with what Danny is likely to do – something which is clear in the consistently impressive framing and following of the inspiring action.

The duo are no longer a local curiousity with a small cult following. The latest video on YouTube has had around 170,000 hits in its first day – being beaten by Miss California, The Black Eyed Peas and not much else!

UPDATE: Overnight the count seems to have jumped to almost 300k – can this be true?!

UPDATE 2: another 24 hours and the counter says 687,287.

3 Responses to “Edinburgh Bike Video Runaway Success”

  1. jacquiephelan said

    So neat to see the great rider in a performance piece that is gathering viewers…and to have a moving postcard of Ednbrgh is major plus, too….THANKyou for the blog, Chdot!

  2. peter said

    proud of you ma man gettin edinburgh on the map for all the right reasons for once some crazy shit keep it up ma man

  3. […] just a collection of clips of tricks, it was a fine film and also launched an international career. It includes scenes of riding off the bike shop’s roof and went viral – now with 40 million […]

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